Foods that are Good for Acne

You must have heard about the foods that cause acne. But there are certain foods which can actually prevent and treat acne and work as remedies for acne. You know acne is an inflammatory skin disease that occurs mostly in teenagers and sometimes in adults. Your diet has lot to do with the occurrence and treatment of acne. Like said before certain foods can cause this disease and some foods can help to treat it as well.

Fruits and vegetables are very important for our diet and often we underestimate it. Fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh juices of fruits and vegetables can help to eliminate the acne. Not only they provide us nutrition but also clean our blood and keep body’s pH level perfect. Therefore, for acne diet fresh fruits and raw vegetables are extremely important.

Some of the specific foods that can be great acne treating foods are Apricots, Strawberries, Bananas, Carrot and Spinach.  

High Vitamin A content and beta-carotene present in the apricot make it a very good fruits for treating acne. Eating apricots or applying apricot mask directly on the skin, both are helpful in treating acne. You can also use facial scrub made from apricot kernel.

Just like apricots strawberries are also very good remedy for acne. Strawberry mask is very good for the skin and it also helps to treat acne. You can mash strawberries in a bowl and mix with cream then apply it on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Eating strawberries is also good for the skin.

Banana is another fruit which is good for treating acne. Eating banana helps body to keep proper balance of good and bad bacteria. As you know bad bacteria can cause acne. You can apply banana mask to get rid of acne as well.

Carrot juice is very good for skin. It contains lots of vitamins and beta-carotene and helpful in eliminating acne. Apple or apple juice is very good for skin too. Spinach makes your skin healthy. Eat lots of spinach or if you can then drink spinach juice as well. You can drink a mixture of carrot, spinach and apple juice to get rid of acne and to improve your skin health. In addition, eat lots of high fiber foods including the whole grains.

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Secret B5Stops said...

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Cat Ray said...

This is really good to know because I have been having nothing but problems trying to find acne remedies that actually work.

prelyn said...

Thank you for all your efforts that you have put in this. very interesting information.

prelyn said...

It will surely help those who are having problem about acne. :)

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