Keep Your Heart Healthy

In your busy and somewhat indiscipline lifestyle, you often forget to take care of your health. This may have an adverse effect on your health, especially the heart health. When you live in stress, eat lots of junk foods and you have no time to exercise, it is very obvious that you’re going to have cardiovascular problems- sooner or later. So, how are you going to maintain your heart health? Or how can you minimize the chances of developing any heart disease? Well, you can do it by eating healthy and exercising.

Do not eat high cholesterol foods or limit the intake of them to keep your heart healthy. The problem is when you eat too much of high cholesterol foods this can lead to Atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis is a stage involving fatty deposits (atheromas) inside the arterial walls, thus narrowing the arteries. This condition can lead to heart attacks. You can prevent this by consuming low fat foods such as sea foods, skinned chicken etc. Eat more low fat milk and low fat milk products. Avoid eating egg yolk and red meat.

Eat healthy fat in limitation. You need healthy fat to keep HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) in good balance. But do not eat saturated or trans fat foods. Ignore processed foods as they are made of hydrogenated vegetable oils and full of saturated fats. For the intake of good fat, choose whole grains, fish (Salmon, Sardines, Tuna, Mackerel), soybeans, olive, non-hydrogenated margarine, walnut, flax seeds and purslane.

Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits. Green leafy vegetables are great for health. You’ll get your required vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruits. Also, you’ll get lots of fiber and antioxidants. All these are essential for good heart health. You can eat nuts also as nuts are also good for the heart. But always eat them in moderation, too much of nuts can be bas for the heart as well. Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins from the body. Drinking god amount of water can reduce the chance of heart attack significantly. Check out what are the 10 best foods for your heart. This will make things easier for you.

Lastly, do not forget to exercise to keep your heart healthy. Exercise will make blood circulation better and your heart will get stronger. Walking (30 minutes of brisk walking is great for heart), swimming, cycling, running, rowing and climbing are great for the heart.

So, have a well balanced diet and exercise regularly, you’ll certainly manage to keep your heart healthy.


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