How To: Take Care of Your Feet

Well, when it comes to foot care, you need right selection – be it for shoes or for foot care products. Don’t be tempted with ultra-beautiful packaging or advertisements with sexy models. Have your thought and requirement in place and chose the right product for yourself. Here are some general tips for you which if followed regularly can help you maintain a perfect pair of beautiful feet which you can show off anytime, anywhere!

  •       This is a must! Wash your feet daily and if possible wash them twice – once in the morning and once at night to rinse away all the dirt that you might have accumulated during the whole working day. But also ensure that you rinse off all the soaps and dry them thoroughly especially between toes.

  •        Use a foot scrubber to scrub you feet, especially the heels, on a regular basis – at least once a week if not daily. You can also use pumice stone for scrubbing.
  •        Don’t let your toe-nail grow very long or you might face the problem of ingrown nails. Trim them but do not cut them too short. Never ever cut out or dig the corners.
  •        Wear clean socks or stockings every time. If you do not change your socks or stockings everyday, it will help the virus/fungus to grow in between your toes. Also never wear too tight a socks or stockings.
  •        A very important point in foot care is choosing your right shoe. Do not wear a shoe which is either too tight or too loose no matter how much you like it. Wearing the perfect size shoe will result in a comfortable and confident walk which will reflect your personality rather than wearing a ill-fitting fashionable show with which you can not even walk properly.
  •         Do not wear the same foot wear everyday. Have at least two pairs of shoes and wear them alternatively.
  •        Use foot powder for sweating feet. This will help reducing the sweat and prevent you from slipping also. You can also use foot spray which will eliminate any bad odor due to sweat.
  •        Wash your feet at night before going to bed and apply foot-nourishing cream all over the feet except between the toes which will help to restore the moisturizer that our feet lose during the daytime.
  •        Never ever cut the corns or try any kind of quick remedy. Corn takes time to heal and let it heal with proper treatment. If severe problem persists, consult a chiropodist.
  •         Similarly like your body, muscles in your toes also need exerciser. Try to have a regular exercise regime which include spot running, jogging etc which will help in the blood-circulation and in return give you a relaxed feet.

Our feet are a bit swollen at the later part of the day. So it is best to buy your shoes in the evening because the shoe which is comfortable at that time will surely be comfy at all time of the day.

I hope these tips will help you in maintaining a soft and beautiful feet for the whole life and you can show off your feet in public with sheer confidence! Have fun!

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