What are the Health Benefits of Wine?

If you are a wine lover and love your glass of wine then it’s a good news for you. Wine is actually good for the health. Many studies have found that wine consumption in moderation is beneficial for or health. It is now well known fact that red wine has some great health beneficial properties. But studies also revealed that white wine has got several health benefits as well. So, overall consumption of wine, of course in moderation, is good for the health.

But how is wine good for the health? What are the factors that make it a good health drink? Let’s find out.

Drinking wine increases the HDL, the good cholesterol and lowers the LDL or bad cholesterol. Red wine is a much better choice for this. Explore health benefits of red wine to know more about it. Wine is very helpful in reducing the chances of stroke, heart disease and cancer as well. While red wine for its polyphenols, provides significant antioxidant protection and great for the heart, on the other hand white wine contains anti-bacterial properties. White wine also contains antioxidants and flavonoids, which are helpful in fighting free radicals and good for the lung and cardiovascular functions. Studies suggest that consumption of wine decreases the chances of ovarian cancer in women. Wine is also responsible for healthy blood vessels and stronger bones.

In comparison, red wine is much healthier and got more nutrition than white wine. It must be noted that wine should be consumed in moderation. One glass of wine per day is good for the health and drinking more than that can cause several health problems such as chronic diseases.


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