Health Benefits of Black Beans

They are cheap, tasty and highly nutritious- black beans are one of the healthiest foods that you can have in your diet. These wonder beans are highly rich in vitamins, minerals and known for their antioxidant properties. Eating these regularly can make you a much healthier person and also you can be free of lots of diseases as well.

An excellent source of the mineral molybdenum – these beans are also highly rich in manganese, protein, magnesium, thiamine (Vitamin B1), phosphorus and iron. They are also loaded with antioxidants.

Black beans are very good for the heart. They are a good diet for the heart. They reduce the chances of developing coronary and cardiovascular heart diseases. These are high fiber foods and prevent heart attack as well. Magnesium in black beans helps to maintain good blood pressure levels. Because beans are high in fiber they help to stabilize the blood sugar levels. Soluble fiber also helps to lower the bad cholesterol levels. Iron in black beans helps to boost the energy levels and lowers the risk of iron deficiency.

Like iron, manganese also plays important role in energy production. Antioxidant properties of these beans help to reduce oxidative damages and fight against free radicals. Molybdenum is a trace mineral that can be found in black beans. It is important for the function and repair of healthy cells. Also, it is an integral component of the enzyme sulfite oxidase, which is responsible for detoxifying sulfites.

In addition, black beans are rich in folate. Folate is important for lowering homocysteine levels, which is an amino acid and excess levels of homocysteine can increase the risk factor for heart attack, stroke, or peripheral vascular disease.

Black beans are very low in calorie and almost fat-free. They are great for the health and should be the part of our daily diet.
One thing must be noted that these beans contain purines (plant compounds) and excessive amounts of purines can lead to health problems such as gout and kidney stones. So, make sure that you’re not having too much of these in your diet.


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Diet for Heart: Black Beans are Good for Your Heart

Black beans are heart healthy foods. When it comes to diet for heart beans are always important. Black beans or black bean diet is very good for heart health or cardio vascular health. Nutritional profile of black beans is very impressive. They are an excellent source of dietary fibre and folate. Black beans are highly rich in molybdenum- a mineral. Also, they are very good source of tryptophan, manganese, protein, thiamin or Vitamin B1, magnesium, phosphorous and iron. Black beans are rich in Anthocyanins- which are powerful antioxidant compounds....

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