What is Myopia? An Overview

Myopia is a vision defect commonly known as nearsightedness. Myopia affects the ability to see distant objects or it can be said myopia reduces eyesight abnormally as a result distant objects appear blurry, fuzzy or indistinct. This eye disorder can be corrected by using lenses or eyeglasses or even by surgery. Myopia has different types and sub types and medical experts mentioned about 56 deferent types of this eye disorder. It’s a very common eye disorder and can occur to the people of any age.

Causes, Symptoms and the Treatment of Myopia

It can occur for various reasons including hereditary causes. Most common causes of myopia are the lens of the eye becomes stronger, cornea is more curved than usual and axial myopia which means eye is longer than it should be.  Proper diet and exercise are very important for the myopic. Less exercise and poor diet can be the cause of nearsightedness. Lack of physical activity raises blood insulin levels and that can contribute to myopia.

Nearsightedness can be diagnosed through vision tests. Most common symptoms of this eye disorder are headaches, squinting of the eyes, eye fatigue, watery eyes and trouble seeing distant objects.

Myopia can be treated by contact lenses, eye glasses or by surgery. Eye strengthening exercises can also be helpful in the treatment of this eye disorder. Refractive surgery can cure nearsightedness and it also reduces or eliminates dependence on eye glasses or lenses. Most common of these surgeries are - Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) and Corneal rings.

Myopia, is a refractive error in which eye doesn’t refract light properly to a single focus and as a result distant objects appear blurred. This is an eye disorder and not a disease. An estimated 25 percent of Americans are suffering from this disorder. 

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