30 Home Remedies for Common Cold – What is a Common cold and What Causes Common Cold?

There are many home remedies for common cold. These home remedies or natural remedies are very effective as well. Why should you visit the doctor and spend a lot of money, when you can treat common cold by yourself by using simple home remedies. Generally, there is no cure for the common cold but with the help of the home remedies, intensity of the common cold symptoms go down and you get relieved and feel better. It is always advisable not to use conventional medicine to cure common cold. Because those medicines contain drugs which you do not want to treat common cold. As a result, there’s a high chance of overtreatment and unwanted side effects. 

What is a Common cold and What Causes Common Cold?

Common cold is a condition when there’s an infection in upper respiratory tract. This infection is caused by the virus. More than 200 different viruses are known to cause the symptoms of the common cold. These viruses continuously develop and that’s why body cannot create a strong resistance against these viruses. Common cold can occur to anyone; but smokers and people expose to pollution are more susceptible to common cold. 

Symptoms of common cold can be noticed two to three days after infection. Common cold symptoms are including cough, nasal discharge, sore throat, headache and sometimes mild earache. Unless it is serious and sustains for a long time, you do not need to treat cold with conventional medicines. 

Home Remedies for Common Cold: How to Cure Common Cold Naturally

Home remedies come very handy to treat common cold or to reduce the effects of common cold. Given below are 30 home remedies for common cold that can give you relief and prevent the spread of the conditions such as fatigue, fever and headaches.

1. One of the most effective home remedies for common cold is rubbing warm mustard oil mixed with garlic on the hands and feet. Take small amounts of mustard oil in a bowl add couple of cloves of garlic and boil it. Leave it to cool down and apply it on hands and feet, when it is warm. This is a great home remedy for the prevention and treatment of common cold.

2. Mixture of lime and honey is very effective to cure common cold. Add one teaspoon of honey and lemon juice in lukewarm water. Dilute it properly and drink it to get rid of common cold.

3. Garlic is known for curing cold and flu. Using garlic in the soup or consuming water mixed with chopped garlic cloves can give relief from common cold symptoms.

4. Ginger tea is a very good home remedy for common cold. Cut half inch of fresh ginger, mix it with a cup of water. Boil the water and strain it. Drinking this water or ginger tea can give you relief from common cold very fast. You can make normal tea with crushed ginger root as well. It works too!

5. Coltsfoot is an effective tea to clear congestion. It’s a great herbal remedy for curing coughs and colds. Coltsfoot is also used to get relief from asthma.

6. You can treat cold naturally by using thyme. Boil a cup of water and put some thyme (fresh or dried) into the pot. Cover it properly and let it simmer for 15 or 20 minutes. Strain the liquid and drink it. You can also find thyme tea in the market.

7. Vitamin C rich orange juice is a very good remedy for the common cold. You can also drink grapefruit juice to fight common cold.

8. Holy basil is a wonderful herb for treating common cold. Consumption of holy basil tea twice a day can give relief from common cold.

9. Turmeric can cure cold, cough and sore throat. Drinking warm milk mixed with turmeric powder (Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder into 1 cup of warm Milk) is a great home remedy for common cold, cough and sore throat. 

10. Peppermint is a very good herb for the treatment of respiratory problems. Rubbing 4 to 6 drops of peppermint oil on the feet, hands and temples can give relief from cold, headache and coughs. 

11. Inhaling the vapours of eucalyptus oil gives relief from cold, flu, cough and headaches. Steam inhaling with boiling water enriched with seven to eight drops of eucalyptus oil is very effective in the treatment of common cold. Rubbing eucalyptus oil around the nose can open up nasal congestion.

12. Just like eucalyptus oil- vapour of lavender oil is very beneficial to treat cold.

13. Caraway essential oil is another oil works as a great home or herbal remedy for common cold.

14. Add a half teaspoon of salt in warm water and gargle the solution. It is one of the best home remedies to treat cold, cough and sore throat.

15. Eating more cayenne pepper may help to treat nasal congestion, fever and cold.

16. Make a cup of tea with black pepper, ginger and basil leaves; it gives strong protection against cold.

17. If you are looking for more herbal remedies then go for the sage tea. Couple of teaspoon of dried sage on boiling water gives you a healthy infusion. Drink it get relieved from common cold.

18. Eating more cabbage can give protection from common cold problems.

19. Just chew fresh mint leaves with ginger and then drink warm water, this can give relief from sore throat and throat irritation.

20.  Eating a small mixture of cinnamon powder and honey (one teaspoon) is a wonderful home remedy for common cold.

21. Take a small piece of turmeric and a small chunk of jaggery. Crushed them properly with your teeth and eat. You’ll get benefited by this home remedy.

22. Eating yogurt is good remedy for treating common cold.

23. Homemade chicken soup and other spicy soups rich in ginger, garlic and chili peppers or black peppers can give relief from common cold.

24. Boil fenugreek seeds in water for half an hour and gargle with this solution. It’s a very effective natural home remedy for cough and cold. 

25. Drinking chamomile tea can give relief from common cold.

26. Chewing fresh Neem leaves helps to protect from cold and flu. 

27. Echinacea may reduce the duration of illness and decreases the severity of cough, headache, and nasal congestion.

28. Inhaling the smoke of burnt cassia roots is a great home remedy for common cold and cough.

29. Cumin seeds have beneficial effects if the cold is accompanied with fever. It is also effective in treating the throat irritations.

30. Drinking plenty of water is a great way to inhibit cold symptoms.

Those are some very effective home remedies for common cold. If you have cold then take rest and sleep as much as possible. Keep your body warm and eat more foods containing phytochemicals such as green and colourful veggies and fruits. Do not consume alcohol as it is bad for the immune system and may hamper your health more if you already have cold. Do not smoke. Smoking while you have cold can irritate bronchial tubes thus it increases the risk of developing pneumonia. 

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