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Home Remedies of Flatulence


Flatus or gas is intestinal gas, which is very normal and nothing to do with any medical problem. But when there’s a production of excess gas in the intestine that can cause some health problems. This condition of excess gas in the intestine is called flatulence. Flatulence can be cured or reduced with the help home remedies. Given below is a list of some very effective home remedies for flatulence.

  • Chewing & eating half a teaspoon of fennel seeds can give relief from flatulence.

  • Caraway seeds are also very helpful to reduce flatulence. In one cup of boiling water mix one teaspoon of crushed caraway seeds and leave it for 15 minutes. Drink the liquid to get rid of flatulence.

  • Mix of one teaspoon each of green cardamom seeds powder and dry ginger powder in a glass of water and drink it an hour prior to your meal. This will help to reduce flatulence.

  • Drink two glasses of plain water in the morning on empty stomach to cure flatulence.

  • Chewing peppermint can be very effective to reduce flatulence.

  • Chew on some fresh ginger slices that are soaked in lime juice after meals. Mix of one tablespoon of honey and a small pinch of cinnamon powder can give you relief from flatulence.

  • Reduce the amount of fibre in your diet. High fibre food can create excessive gas.

  • If you have lactose intolerance then you must reduce dairy products. Avoid chewing gum and smoking.

  • Eat slowly and chew the food thoroughly.

Important Note: Flatulence can be a symptom of some digestive system disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome.


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