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Why Should You Drink Water on Empty Stomach

The human body is made primarily of water. The average amount of water in adult human body is around 70 percent. It’s a very important element for the body and plays vital role to make us healthy. According to experts, drinking water on the empty stomach in the morning can prevent & cure many health problems and diseases. Also, Ayurveda tells us that drinking water is a great therapy for many health conditions. So, let’s find out why is water so good for us and why should you drink water on empty stomach in the morning.

Drinking water on empty stomach in the morning helps to clean the colon and increases the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

  • It helps to flush out toxins from the body and promotes skin health.

  • Drinking water on empty stomach is very helpful for balancing lymph system.

  • Very good for metabolism and digestive system.

  • It is very good for cardiovascular system as well.

  • Drinking water especially warm water on empty stomach in the morning boot fat metabolism, therefore, helps in lose weight.

  • Drinking water on empty stomach is important for fighting infections.

  • This is very healthy habit for increasing the energy level.

  • Drinking water is helpful for stress reduction.

Recent studies showed, drinking water on empty stomach early in the morning can cure and prevent many diseases and health conditions including hypertension, diabetes, gastric, eye diseases, TB and cancer.


Nutan sinha said...

I feel that drinking a glass of water on empty stomach helps to lose weight and it helps to fade away dark circles as well. Very well written and informative post. Keep it up

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