I’m a software professional and I work for a MNC here in India. This is my first proper health blog site. I have created Health Buzz to give myself more freedom as an article writer. So that I can write & share whatever I want without any restriction. I’ve been writing health articles for last four years or so. I write online health articles for various websites such as Factoidz and Triond and some others as well. I said that Health Buzz is my first ‘proper’ health blog because the last couple of attempts of creating a health blog site were unsuccessful for several reasons. But with my experience and little bit of more effort, Health Buzz has come along very well. And also, I want to thank my visitors & friends for making it a successful site. The main objective of Health Buzz is to provide information regarding health & wellness to the people and help them to live a healthier life. All the information here on this site is written after serious review and research.

Besides writing health articles I love to do photography. I’m a passionate photographer. I’m driven to observe and take photos of whatever interests me. Photography is a challenge and I try to capture every aspect of life in my photography. Although, some people tell me that I take good pictures but I’m trying hard to be a better photographer. You can see some of my photography here on Flickr.

I write poetry. There’s always something in my head. Bubbles of thoughts keep coming in my mind. And normally I love those thoughts; I cherish being a thoughtful person. My poetry always reflects emotion of the people and whatever is happening around me. If photography is my passion then poetry is my soul. Writing poetry gives me the happiness more than anything else and when I finish writing a poem- I become the happiest person of this earth. You can find a few of my poetry on Writers Cafe and Hello Poetry.

Hello... I’m Sourav RC, I’m a health bloger, a photographer. I’m a poet.

Welcome to Health Buzz! I hope you’d find Health Buzz helpful and useful. For any information, query and request please feel free to use the Contact form.

Thanks for reading! Wish you health!

[ All the articles of this blog site are written by Sourav RC (except, of course, the guest articles)- the creator and owner of the Health Buzz. ]

Copyright © Sourav RC

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Top 10 reasons of why should we do yoga! Everyone is now familiar with Yoga. We do it or not – certainly know about it. Originated in India five thousand years ago, Yoga is a practice of using mind and the body to achieve balance in the life. Yoga is a way of life. Over the years, this ancient art form of exercising has become increasingly popular all over the world. Still, we- some of us, don’t do it. So here’s the inspiration again, a Ten Point listing, why should we do Yoga?

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