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Health Buzz is offering spaces to advertise your products, services, websites and blogs. Right now we are offering spaces for different Banner Ads. We’d like to have ads on Health & Beauty but advertisements of different niches are also welcome. At this time, we are selling Ad Spaces at an introductory price* so you’ve to pay a nominal amount. Health Buzz is also interested providing Ad Spaces on a long term basis. If you’re interested in long term advertising on a discounted rate then Health Buzz is a right place for you.

*Not applicable for all the spaces

Right now Health Buzz is selling spaces for different sizes of Banned Ads. These are:

  • 125 X 125 Banned Ad (Extreme Right Sidebar)
  • 200 X 200 Banner Ad (Right Sidebar)
  • 468 X 60   Banner Ad (Footer)

Contact Health Buzz for your Ad campaign and any other queries. Thank you.

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Top 10 Reasons of Why Should We Do Yoga
Top 10 reasons of why should we do yoga! Everyone is now familiar with Yoga. We do it or not – certainly know about it. Originated in India five thousand years ago, Yoga is a practice of using mind and the body to achieve balance in the life. Yoga is a way of life. Over the years, this ancient art form of exercising has become increasingly popular all over the world. Still, we- some of us, don’t do it. So here’s the inspiration again, a Ten Point listing, why should we do Yoga?

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